Thorchain AMA January 2021

Afaik txns in THORchain are traceable (txOUTs contain inhash and outhash data). How does peer-to-pool increase privacy? Where do you position mgEtchain in terms of privacy?

How did you solve non-finality (chain reorg) problem of Bitcoin? What happens when it’s too late to remove a witness txn from state machine (psOVI already signed & broadcasted on another chain)

What are your estimates on gas usage? (would BTC-ETH swap on THORchain consume less or more than WBTC-WETH swap on uniswap) What is the tradeoff you make when setting gas costs. Why did you make that tradeoff?

Where can I access most updated and accurate supply(emission) curve?

What is the motivation behind separating vaults (primary/secondary) & moving funds from one vault to another frequently?

  • proves solvency — the funds are there
  • proves liveness the funds can still be accessed.
  • stops validator stagnation and network capture
  • encourages node bond bidding up — increases security
  • allows fast upgrades — the network rebuilds itself continually

Is there an explicit incentive for node operators to blow whistle on each other when they spot each other not conforming to consensus rules (earning part of the slashed points etc.)

“if a node sends funds without authorization, the bond is slashed 1.5x the value of the stolen funds. The slashed bond is dumped into the pool(s) where the funds were stolen and added to the reserve.” Can nodes send funds without TSS? If so, under which circumstances?

Where is the intended business logic (swap, 1p removal etc.) embodied inside a bitcoin txn?

How is the network governed? What decisions (churn speed, min bond etc.) can be made by admins?

⦁ Who gets to decide the winner of competition in node cycling?

What exactly can nodes steal if %67 collude? Funds in primary or secondary vaults or both? what about rune in pools? Can a node steal any funds at all without a 67% collusion?

Which properties will/must stand out for THORchain to achieve product market fit in your opinion? (security/reliability, privacy, liquidity/optional KYC, ease of use/UX, gas fee?, prevention of front running etc.)



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